Mother’s Day

You know the whole commercialized Mother’s day is so much work isn’t it? I mean the whole thousands of gifts or lets plan this or that…. ect. It is just all a bit too much in my opinion.

You know what mom’s really want? She wants the house to be kept clean for 24 hours with out her having to do the work, she wants to sleep in or nap or hey maybe even both! She doesn’t want a day away from the kids, after all they are who made her a mom… She just wants a day where there isn’t fighting between the kids. She wants to actually be able to sit and relax whether it’s with a book, a movie, a bath, or even an adult coloring book. She also doesn’t want to have to cook one meal for 24 hours.

So now that you know what a mother wants give it to her! It wont kill you to pick up the extra work around the house for 1 day in order to give her that. You can do it! Get the kids involved too! You don’t need to go out and buy $$$$ of gifts and plan an elaborate day away, that most likely will get ruined some way or maybe it won’t  live up to the expectations of what one of you had. You’re not a cook you say? No problem! that’s what take out is for! There are a ton of ways for you to help out, to lighten the load. You just have to do it, and here is the best news of all…. You are capable. We believe in you!

If you haven’t already (which by now you should have) Celebrate your mom!!! She has poured her whole heart and life into everything you have. Everything she does for you is because she loves you! She labored for hours, she cried over you, she prayed for you, she dreamed about you. When you hurt she hurts, when you are joyous she is joyous. She wants nothing more but the best for you and for you to succeed in life far beyond what you could ever even dream of. She is your cheerleader in all things. She is your support, your go to person. She is and will always be the number one person who is no matter what always there for you. When you think you have messed everything in your life up and you have no one to turn to…. You have your mom! “Forever and always as long as she’s living her baby you’ll be.” Don’t forget that ever.

Being a girl we tend to love our moms unconditionally until we hit about 12… then we basically lose our minds, our way, and our ability to be human. But you know what the craziest thing is? Your mom has been there too… she knows the struggles you face and no matter what stupid thing us girls do during that time… our moms still love us. Then we turn 19 and it’s HELLO WORLD I’M BACK! You want to know who is the most happiest? Your mom! She now can talk to you and you listen, but not only listen you actually take her advice because all of a sudden mom knows a thing or two. She’s not a dumb as she was when you were 12-18 years old.

I never understood the struggles my mom had until I became a mom. She really was and still is SUPER WOMAN! I don’t know how did it all. She raised 2 kids that weren’t biologically hers, yet you wouldn’t have known it by looking at how much she loves them. Then helping my father battle a rare brain stem tumor, not long after being married I might add. After that my sister came along…. then a few years later they finally got it right! I was born 🙂 Actually what probably happened was they were terrified to have anymore after they saw how crazy I was turning out to be. She juggled all of us…. they graduated 2 kids out of school and then moved 2 more kids into school. She worked full-time, came to every school event, never missed a birthday, never missed a softball game. In fact she ran between two games that were happening at the same time pretty often. She helped with girl scouts and school field trips. She was the mom everyone loved and wanted to be. She was the mom all my friends thought was just the coolest because she made our birthday cakes and took homemade treats to school for the holiday parties. She cooked breakfast pizza the next morning for all of our sleep overs. She never missed a beat… she is what I strive to be in every way. She is my hero! I don’t know anyone else that did what she did. Even after my dad passed away, she is the strongest person I know.

She also had an amazing mother to guide her through life and motherhood. I loved my Nana with all my heart. We had so much in common and I learned so much from her too. She was someone who I held very high in my world. She could do no wrong, she is just so perfect that I’m unsure how to even come close. She had my mom when she was 40 years old. Imagine that surprise! She never drove a day in her life, she took care of us when my mom had business trips to go to. She kept us over summer breaks for what felt like weeks at a time because time stood still there. We never had a boring minute with her. She let us roller blade in the house, turn her shed into a play house, help her cook, we went for countless walks and to the park. When it was time for my mom to get us I was sure we had been away for months because we did so much there.

I’m striving to be as good of a mom as my mom has been to me and as her mom was to her. I just hope I can be half as good as them because right now I sure feel like I mess a lot of things up.

Happy Mothers day Mom, I love you!

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