Who are you?… REALLY?

Can you answer that? I know I can’t… Who am I? Who am I really? The million dollar question that weighs on everyone at some point in their life. This world is so up in arms over what we identify with or as… when really what we should be asking is “Who Am I?”.

Now you might be asking yourself where to even start with this process. No I’m no genius or even that brilliant, but I do know one thing…. I know that very few of us truly know the answer to that question. Only you can answer it, NO ONE else can!

Here I am 27 years old, not one clue as to who I am. When I sit and try to even think about it I have a panic attack. I am a mom of 3 amazing and beautiful children. I should hold the answer to everything! When someone asks you who a person you know is you tell them basically what you know about them… yet that’s not who they really are. That’s their identity to you.. here is an example… when someone says “Who is Laura, do you know her?” 99% of the time they say…”Oh yeah that’s Dane’s wife!” I love my dear husband…. but no that’s simple just how people identify me. That doesn’t make me who I am. For a long time I would ask myself this question and many times I came back with this answer… “I’m a stay at home mom, I do everything for these kids. My whole day everyday is revolved around my kids.” That’s not and was not who I WAS… That was what I did daily and still do. My kids are not who I am, they are apart of me yes. They will always be apart of my identity, but that isn’t WHO I AM.


I’m Laura, I’m married to Dane we have 3 kids and we live in his home town…

*Pretty good and generic right? Well that’s not who I am, That’s just part of my identity…

I’m part Chickasaw and proud of it!

*Also good but that’s my ethnicity

I’m a Christian and I believe the bible guides us to know whats right and wrong very clearly.

*Good as well… But that’s my religion and morals

I like to do basically anything crafty, I love to work with my hands on projects, I’m not afraid to get dirty or sweaty…

*Great! but… that’s my hobbies

I have a passion to help mom’s with breastfeeding, I love being outside, I love reading books, I love adventure!

*Closer!… however those are what I’m passionate about

How on earth is anyone going to figure out who they are!? Maybe we are supposed to walk around not knowing and spend our whole life trying to figure it out….What if I told you that it was actually pretty simple, but we just don’t know the right course to take? The right questions to ask? I feel like I’m constantly changing… something must be wrong with me!

Don’t worry dear friends! Although I do not have the answer to all of the World’s problems, I do have an answer for this. At least it is what helps me…

*Don’t over think too much… Hilarious I know coming from someone who is CONSTANTLY over thinking everything!What I mean though is this…. Sit down, Take a deep breath and relax… good now let’s get started!

  1. LIFE STAGES:You will always be changing who you are, It’s life! Who I was at 16 isn’t who I was at 20 or who I am today. I can guarantee you aren’t either! It’s called Stages in life and everyone goes through them. They shape us into who we will be later in life, our older selves.
  2. PASSIONS: Part of who we are comes from our passions and our hobbies because what we strive to be is stimulated from our passions. What I strive to be is a Lactaion Constulant and that comes from my passion of breastfeeding.
  3. WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING: We all put on a facade depending on where we are going. We as humans are so afraid to let the world see us as we are. There is so much judgement and hate, but how do you act when no one is looking? If you ask anyone they will tell you how naive, shy and quiet I am. Those that know me know that isn’t true.
  4. RELATIONSHIP: You’re relationships that you hold dear tell so much about you. It tells you the very things you crave from people. What you need to feel “whole”. As humans we crave interaction! Introvert or extrovert, it doesn’t matter which one you are. That just tells you how much interactions some people like and dislike.
  5. HARDSHIPS: They shape us as we age! Some have more than others… I for one have more than most my age, but I know plenty that have more than me. We all have them from time to time. It’s how we deal with them and move on after them that tells you how you have changed. Hopefully for the better.
  6. ACTIONS: How you treat those that can not help you says so much about you! How do you treat those that can’t help you advance in your job? How do you treat those that beg even if you can’t help them at the moment? Are you one of those people who just step on anyone to get ahead in life or are you that person that breaks a little inside every time you see someone begging for something… anything extra?
  7. CHOICES: Everyday we have choices. Those choices you may think are uncontrollable or inevitable. I mean how else are you suppose to react but in anger when you’re late to work and stuck behind a line of cars then spill your coffee down your shirt right before you walk into your office? However the choices we make to those aggravating moments shape us, not just for that day but for our life. Have you ever noticed someone who is always getting upset over things that are “uncontrollable” become so negative and hateful about their entire life over time? Our choices of how we react to life mold us in ways we don’t even see.

Who we are is made up of so much more than just our names, religion, or ethnicity! It’s so much bigger than what we “identify” with. So the question I urge you to ask yourself isn’t what you identify as, but who are you? The real you! The you that makes you so unique and special. The one you want everyone to love and not this facade you have created because you think that’s what everyone will like best. You want to know something? Everyone is afraid to show who they really are. To ask this question to themselves. Don’t be that person. Don’t be someone in the crowd. Be you! Be unique! Be real! This world is so caught up in identification of every emotion, person, thing… Whatever you want to call it. Forget that for a moment and figure out who you are. That will tell you more about yourselves than what emotional feelings, personality,or sex you identify with. I don’t think anyone knows what it truly is to identify with something or someone. Everyone is different and everyone has different experiences. And we should! other wise we would all be clones and be very boring.

Hi I’m Laura and I know exactly who I am at the moment, at this stage of my life. I’m a wife, a mom, a servant, a christian woman… I am reserved yet I’m tempered. I have had struggles in life that have made me stronger. I am not afraid to show you who I am, or what you may think of me. I know what I want and I know how to achieve my goals. I will not be held down. I own my actions even when they are not great. I am young, but I am not niave.

I know who I am…. Do you?



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