Enchilada Bowl 

There is a video going around Facebook about this and so I had to make it plan approved! 

What you need…

  • 1 Spaghetti squash
  • 1 can Rotel
  • 1 cup No salt Chicken broth 
  • 2 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 1/4 tspChipotle seasoning 
  • 4 oz ground turkey or 4 oz diced grilled chicken 
  • 2 oz low fat Mexican cheese 
  • Or skip the meat and do 1.5 cup low fat cheese  

How to make it…

  1. Start out by poking holes in the squash and cooking in the microwave 6min then flip over and do another 6. It should come out extremely hot and swishy like. If it’s still hard do another 3 min at a time. 
  2. While that’s going on let’s make the enchilada sauce. Blend your tomato paste, rotel, chipotle seasoning, and chicken broth together. 
  3. Heat on stove until boiling and then turn the heat down to simmer. 
  4. NOTE: This will make 3 servings of 1/2 cup. which is 1/3 greens and 1/3 condiment. 
  5. Once your squash has cooled cut it open and scrap the guts out then shred up the squash. 
  6. Scoop the squash into another bowl so that the squash bowl is basically just the skin 
  7. No place either 1 1/4 cups of squash  back into the bowl or place 1 cup back into the bowl. It really depends on how much sauce you want. *1 cup squash you can have 1 cup sauce, 1 1/4 cups squash you can have 1/2 cup sauce. 
  8. Make a bowl with the squash you placed back into the bowl 
  9. Now if you want the 1 cup of sauce place 1/2cup of sauce now 
  10. Now place 4oz of your choice of cooked meat (I did turkey with taco seasoning). If you choose to do just cheese place your sauce on the squash first. 
  11. Now place 1/2 cup of sauce.  Or your second cup of sauce if you choose the 1 cup option 
  12. Now top with cheese 
  13. Bake on 400° until cheese is all bubble (15 ish min)

If you went with the turkey or chicken you are allowed 1 healthy fat. *1 complete lean and green, 1/3 condiment, 1healthy fat 

If you went with just cheese we aren’t allowed a healthy fat *1 complete lean and green, 1/3 condiment 

*if you went with 1 cup sauce it’s 2/3 of a condiment used. 

*you actually have just a tad over on greens but not a ton just maybe 1/16  

Jicama taco shells 

  • Jicama Sliced thin 
  1. Let’s slice some jicama!! Peel your jicama and trim it up so it fits in your slicer. 
  2. Slice on thin you need about 3 or 4 tortillas which weighs out to 1 cup (4.6oz) 
  3. In a heated pan sprayed with Pam heat your jicama tortillas up just a couple of min or so on each side
  4. Place on a plate with them folded long ways 

Pork Cartinas 

Seriously amazing! 

What you need…

  • 1 pork shoulder or tenderloin(it’s leaner)
  • 1 batch of my verde sauce
  • Crockpot 

How to make it…

  1. Blend 9 tomatillos, 4 garlic cloves, jalapeno (optional) and cilantro to taste. 
  2. Pour over the pork
  3. Cook On low for 6 hours 
  4. Once the pork is done shred away and take away any fat that you may find. 
  5. Mmmmmm look at that!
  6. Now place on a baking sheet and pour a little of the sauce over it and broil for 5-10 min on high just enough to get it all nice and crispy. 

Look at how yummy! 

You are allowed 5oz for a lean.

 *I paired this with my jicama taco shells (4.6oz which is 1cup)and my jicama chips(2.3 oz which is 1/4 cup) and 1/4 cup salsa. That was a complete lean and green with 1 condiment. 

Jicama chips 

Seriously so good. Does NOT. Taste like jicama!

What you need…

  • 8 thin slices of jicama 
  • Season salt 

How to make it…

  1. Cut the sliced jicama in half. 
  2.  place as many as you can without over lapping on a microwave safe plate and microwave for 5 min. 
  3. Flip over and microwave again for 5 min

They are actually crispy! They are delicious! 

I had 2.3 oz I measured after they were cooked and it comes to 1/4 cup of your greens for the day 

Fast zucchini chips 

If you are in a hurry this is how to make those delicious chips!

What you need…

  • Parm cheese
  • Zucchini 
  • Microwave

How to make it 

  1. Slice the zucchini into thin pieces 
  2. Now dip the zucchini in the parm cheese on both sides then place on a microwave safe plate
  3. It’s ok if they are slightly over lapped 
  4. Cook for 6 min 

Bam! Done!

Spaghetti sauce 

What you need…

  • 4 cans diced tomatoes 
  • 1 can tomato paste
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Parley to taste
  • Italian seasoning to taste
  • 1lb low sodium italian sausage (optional) 

How to make it…

  1. Cook your Italian sausage until it’s brown (if you want meat sauce)
  2. Blend the tomatoes … Well blend it all together then poor over the Italian sausage 
  3. Bring to a boil and let simmer for a while 

Or you could throw it all in the crock pot and let it cook all day on low. (Option: you could buy turkey Italian sausage links and cook them in the crock pot)

This serves a lot so depends on how much you use. 😉

Guiltless Ravioli 

You read that right! 

What you need…

  • 2 zuchini 
  • 6oz skim ricotta 
  • 1oz mozzarella 
  • 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce
  • 2TBSP Parmesan cheese

How to make it… 

  1. If you have sauce great! If you don’t start with that 😉 click here
  2. Mix the ricotta, and 1 TBSP  parm cheese 
  3. Now slice up the zuchinni long ways and thin. 
  4. Place 5 oz on a microwaveable plate and cook for 1 min 
  5. While that’s going get you baking dish out and place A very small amount of sauce (from your 1/2 cup of sauce) on the bottom
  6. Now that they are soft we can fill them!!!!! Place two on a towel and then place one spoon full of ricotta in the middle the fold each side and time. Kinda like doing clock wise
  7. Now place in a oven safe dish  folded side down
  8. Repeat…. I made 2 extra just encase I messed up! You should have about 6 made
  9. Now top with the remaining sauce, mozzarella and parm. Then bake on 400° for 10-15 minutes 

This is 1 complete lean and green, 1 condiment, no healthy fats!😍