About Little Ol’ Me

This isn’t your average normal blog and for those who really know me understand why…

This blog is about me, my life, my “organized” life style. As you can tell it’s very well put together ☺️ You’ll find heart ache, over whelming love, food, and more food because seriously I Love Food!

I’m a stay at home mom, work at home mom, work in the office mom, baseball mom, dance mom, karate mom, pastors wife, breastfeeding peer counselor, crafty… Here let’s put all this together and make it work mom, cake lady, cosmetologist, anxiety girl, crazy sister, loyal friend, most gullible person (let’s not mistake that for stupidity ok people), book loving, movie going, smores making, staying up to late blogging, running ragged to stay ahead mom!

I love God more than anything in the entire world  and I love my family more than anything on this earth. I have a lot to say and a bunch of ways to say it. So I’ll try to keep my blogs in an orderly, sense making, flowing, somewhat relatable form. But let’s be real if you can 100% relate to me in these blogs then we need to be besties 👯

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